Welcome To My Chittagong

Hi there,
     Welcome in our Chittagong, a beautiful hilly place of Bangladesh. From when we started our journey from the warm, happy, safe world of our mum's womb to a world that is cold and full of insecurities; we felt unsecured and were amazed to see the alien surroundings. At that time the lovely, green, beauteous Chittagong pulled us in the lap with her full affection. Besides our own, we found another mum, the beauteous queen of south Asia. After then, many years have passed. The more days go the more our affection and love is growing. The breathtaking scenery, the beauteous hills covered with green, the affectionate sea stretching endlessly, the green forests, twittering of birds, heartiest hospitality of the people, hundreds of tribal groups and their culture……………everything bond us in the net of illusion. This is our small effort to expose the feelings towards Chittagong and to brin g out the ample beauty of Chittagong in front of you. We do apology for any kind of unintentional mistake.
     Thanks for your time. Discover the ample beauty Chittagong. Have fun.

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